The subject matter in this process innovation is forming the sulfur in such a way to eliminate many of facing complications in the path from molten sulfur to the end users.
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This innovation was initiated and fulfilled by a member of S.T.H. Co., Mr. Mohammad Hashemi (Eng.,) graduated in a related field, who has a long experience in the field of oil and gas business. Read More ...


- In 2010, finished the experimental steps and the implementation of this new process.
- November 2010, registration of Sulfur Cube with the National Invention Department, in Iran.
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One of the troublesome byproducts in the oil and gas refining is sulfur. More than 65 million tons of sulfur is annually produced in the world. Iran's share of this production is about 2 million tons. Read More ...

Who We Are

SulfurCube Pars Industrial Development.

The patented new form in sulfur handling with the brand name of "SULFUR CUBE" owns new characteristics for solving all the existing complications in the sulfur handling. More ...

Problems Resolved

With SulphurCube Pars

  • Harms on the environments
  • Uncontrollable Supply
  • Limited Demands
  • Three Markets-Players
  • Existing Forms of Sulfur

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