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Sulfur-cube is a sulfur degassing and compressing process, which is among the activities of Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co. By sulfur-cube, the deformation of sulfur as cubes by compression is concerned. The best Persian equivalence for the term “cube” is “Kub” that means “compression”, having not the exact but close phonetic script to cube.

The sulfur cube project of Sulfurcube Pars Industrial Development Co. was established due to the existing problems in sulfur transportation and supply in oil and gas refineries. Since sulfur is an oil and gas byproduct, sulfur issue is the main challenge in countries with oil and gas resources. Natural gas contains of acid gases, especially hydrogen sulfide, which is melted in sulfur recovery units.

The most refineries in the country stores sulfur as bulks in peripheral storages, which produce many environmental problems. Since the storages are not roofed, the wind simply scattered the sulfur on the air, and because of sulfur corrosive problems, not only it causes serious aspiration problems but soil, water, and environmental pollution. Regarding the increase of sulfur in the store rooms, that is the outcome of Iran’s huge amount of oil and gas fields, the sulfur-cube project helps achieving the value stability, solving the related problems, and constantly putting an end to sulfur producers’ tribulations of sulfur protection.

And because of the large volume of stored sulfur in Iran, the sulfur-cube project helps sulfur price stability and removes its related problems and concerns of sulfur producers.

What should be highly concerned is that sulfur is known as a national wealth and its added value can be optimized by proper management and administration throughout the challenges. 

Sulfur, in the form of ingots and cubes, is produced in flexible sizes by Sulfurcube Pars System after degassing and gas-washing processes by casting technique, according to the engineering standards, and the customers’ demands. The cube size was determined by the customers’ demands and market requirements. This product is dehydrated and produces acid more than granules and lumps. Meanwhile, its lower impurity facilitates acid formation process.

Sulfur Cube Specifications

The Most Important Cube Specifications

Package: Packaging, loading, and discharging cubes are accomplished in 1-2 ton jumbos for exports, and in bulk for internal sale.

Transportation: Cubes can be transported by trucks, cars, containers, and ships.


Sulfur Cube Advantages Over The Other Shapes

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